Marketing DNA.  Web Design Craftsmanship.

I grew up in and around Chicago, and received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Iowa. After graduating in 2007, I joined a local Chicago startup called Meeting Tomorrow. It was there that my marketing, design, and development skills began to intersect – as I created "Quick Start Guides" for their audio visual products, managed their company website, and optimized every detail of the customer experience.

Then in 2009, I got married and moved out to Phoenix, Arizona with my wife. Though the desert heat was a stark contrast from Chicago (our first day there it said 117°F on our car thermometer!), we managed to survive☺ While there, I was brought on at University of Phoenix to help migrate their 2,000+ page website to a new CMS platform. Once the site went live, I continued to update, publish, and enhance the school's content for their students & clients.

I then returned to Chicago in 2010 and went back to work at Meeting Tomorrow. It was during that time – around fall 2010-ish – that I asked a coworker how to write CSS on top of HTML. Once he showed me the basics, I was off to the races...

Ever since, I've been incorporating my marketing background into the design and development of websites and apps. I've built corporate sites, educational sites, microsites, blogs, and a host of other web applications. If I had to say, my visual style could best be described as "clean, colorful, and engaging."

Now, I currently work as the CEO and Founder of SK Strategic Design—a strategic marketing and digital design firm based in Chicago. I lead our marketing, design, and development work, and manage our day-to-day operations.

Deep down, my passion is to truly understand the needs and wants of users, in order to deliver them the best digital experience possible.